The first of its kind in a country of 1.3 billion people Vegan Fest India
is an initiative to make the world more compassionate, clean, and healthy through art, music, and delicious food. Our motivation lies in not just reflecting on a better place but working towards a world that we’ve always dreamed about. We believe that the true sense of our very being lies in sustainability and we all belong to that lifestyle. Vegan Fest India is the ultimate full-fledged 360° experience of entertainment, information, and refreshment filled with lots of love. Join us in this festival, one step at a time, towards the greater good of humanity.


Upcoming Events

Vegan Fest India is thrilled to announce that we are back with another enthralling event to rejoice again in the vegan way. This month we have something bigger, better, and more vital to match our passion for a healthier lifestyle. Join in for a fun-filled experience, and mouth-watering delicious food. Are you as excited as we are?!

No upcoming events at the moment


Looking back, it does look like we have maintained a decent path for what we came for. From being the first of its kind in Madhya Pradesh to spreading awareness about a healthier lifestyle every month without fail, Vegan Fest India has organized several events that turned out to be a grand success. Have a glimpse of what change and activation looks like in our style, the vegan way.

Worldwide Vegan Chalking Night

September, 3  2021

september event.jpg
15th aug.jpg

Independence Day Cook Out

August, 15 2021

Green Tones Music Festival

June, 19-21 2021

Vegan Fest India presents Green Tones Music festival to celebrate Regan Russell's commitment and contribution to animal rights and to remember her on the one year anniversary of her tragic killing.

We will come together for 3 days to share music by vegan artists and celebrate a cruelty free and sustainable World Music Day.

june event.jpg

Vegan Fest India | BioDiverse Tea Party

May, 22 2021

Vegan Fest India presents 'Biodiverse-Tea Party: a 12 hour virtual event marking the auspicious international day for biological diversity' on the 22nd of May 2021!!!!
As a part of our virtual event series we're back with another amazing event to spread awareness about the vegan lifestyle!!! Tune in with us for Live 3.0 by #veganfestindia

Vegan Fest India | Earth Day | All Day

April, 22 2021

Vegan Fest India presents 'Earth Day All Day'
An 18 hour live event full of exciting activities, conversations, food, music and what not, ALL IN THE VEGAN WAYYYYY!!!

Live 1.0.jpg


March, 30 2021

Vegan Fest India organized its first-ever live event on the 31st of March 2021 with the most passionate vegans all around the world!! The event was a musical, informative, and entertaining affair full of ardent vegan guests and an enthusiastic audience followed by live music with international vegan artists. Definitely a wonderful experience!


February 27-28, 2021 

Sailing with the purpose to promote a loving, compassionate, healthy, and cruelty-free lifestyle, Vegan Fest India, organized its very first 2-Day event in the city of lakes-Bhopal, on the 27th and 28th of February 2021.

Republic Day Tree Party. Vegan Fest India. #vegan


January 26, 2021

Since animal agriculture is responsible for 75% of all deforestation, we at #veganfestindia are trying to encourage future generations to plant trees and nurture them till they nurture us 


December 27, 2021

With all the poet's and artist's celebrating sustainability.

Subject: Veganism, Sustainability and Compassion 


Vegan Fest India. Poet Tree Party. #Vegan #VeganFestIndia


November 1, 2020

Vegan Fest India celebrated The World Vegan Day on the 1st of November 2020 in the city of lakes, Bhopal. We navigated across the benefits of this auspicious lifestyle that veganism promotes and spread awareness regarding the same.



Vegan Fest India puts the ‘act’ in ‘activation’ and works through it in the form of activities. We firmly believe that no one can change any mindset just through words. Change requires action. And so we make it a point to conduct activities all through our events to ensure activism compassionately and joyously.


2021-02-09 (4).png


embroidery by aishwarya .JPG





Our Partners

No organisation, event or movement has ever succeeded in its reign without its people supporting it all along the way. Vegan Fest India has immense respect for our courteous partners for standing by us in this quest towards a healthy, beautiful and vegan lifestyle. As they say, “when like-minded people unite, no tribe can hinder their passion”, we owe it to our partners that our amity sustains.

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